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Maastricht University Webmagazine
Interviews with professors of Maastricht University and information on new developments in research and education

Clinical Forensic Psychology
psylawThis website provides evidence-based information on all clinical-forensic topics. Get updates from the site through Twitter, and you will be up-to-date of the latest developments.

Law and neuroscience project

NeuronsRecent discoveries about brain-behavior relations from neuroscience are beginning to have an impact on legal systems.
To address the diverse and complex issues that neuroscience raises for legal systems, The MacArthur Foundation Law and Neuroscience Project was started.
The research is focused on criminal responsibility and prediction as well as legal decision making concerning neuroscience.

On this American site you can find information on a lot of notorious criminal cases. You can read about the background of the perpetrators, their victims and the court proceedings. For example, the cases of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson are described.

This is a somewhat similar site that can be useful for someone who is interested in forensic psychology. In comparison to crimepsychblog.com, this one is a little more basic. What does the subject encompass? What is its history? How is an offender profile made? What factors increase the risk of a false confession?

A place to collate information of interest in a forensic psychological context.
This site is like a clipboard where researchers and professionals in the field can post their announcements of new research articles, guidelines, legislation and landmark cases. It is a good source for students who want to get an idea of what forensic psychology is all about.

The first Innocence Project was started at Yeshiva University in New York. Wrongful convictions have shown that serious flaws have caused our criminal justice systems to convict scores of innocent people. The Innocence Project has identified seven policy areas where targeted reforms can help prevent future wrongful convictions. This interesting site gives examples of people who have been exonerated as a consequence of these types of innocence projects, and what actions are to be taken to prevent as much as possible future miscarriages of justice.

PMTO This is a website about the Dutch PMTO project. PMTO stands for Parent Management Training Oregon model. Corine de Ruiter and Ferko Öry have been instrumental in obtaining the resources for the Dutch implementation of this evidence-based parent training program for parents of children with serious externalizing behavior problems. Thus far, around 20 Dutch PMTO therapists have been certified and the training is offered in different regions in The Netherlands. Corine de Ruiter leads a study on the effectiveness of PMTO compared to treatment-as-usual, which is planned for 2008-2012.

The International Association for Forensic Mental Health Services was established in 2000 by a group of international scholars in the area of forensic mental health services with the aim of fostering scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge in the realm of forensic mental health. Since 2000, an annual conference has been held successfully in such diverse places as Melbourne, Montreal, Vienna and Amsterdam. The association has established a high-quality international peer-reviewed journal, the International Journal of Forensic Mental Health. This website contains PDFs of, all the back issues of the journal, information on membership, future conferences and more.

Forensic Science Technician
This website contains an unbiased and updated list of every school that offers a forensic science program in the US. This site is a useful resource for
forensic science students, including prospective forensic psychology students.

Maastricht Forensic Institute
TMFIThe Maastricht Forensic Institute (TMFI) is an independent forensic sciences institute which is committed to top quality forensic analysis and forensic science research. TMFI was initiated by Maastricht University and DSM Resolve.  The Maastricht Forensic Institute can combine forensic-technical expertise (i.e., physical, chemical, biological and digital trace analysis) with legal and forensic psychological expertise.  Case analysis is carried out on behalf of police, judiciary, lawyers, businesses and individuals.

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